Bob Burge

EdD, Registrar
Okanagan College

Pirita Mattola

Interim Director, Strategic Enrolment Management,
University of Saskatchewan

Lee Ann McKivor

University Registrar,
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Ryan Sullivan

Associate Vice President, Enrolment Management,
St. Thomas University

While this September on campus may appear like the closest thing to "normal" since 2019, we know that new students coming directly from high school have had an experience like no other and many non-direct students have taken an unplanned education hiatus and have potentially become academically and socially "rusty" . Plus, many returning students have never attended class in person or stepped foot on campus.

How are registrars, enrolment leaders, and student services professionals rising to this challenge?

In this webinar, our panel will talk about their expectations for September and what they anticipate will be the top hurdles to ensuring that their students succeed and thrive. We'll ask the panelists:

- What is the biggest challenge that you and your peers will face this fall?
- In what ways do you anticipate this cohort of students will be different?
- What is your top priority to ensure a positive student experience?
- What long-term changes do you hope for in post-secondary education?


SEMM Town Hall: What Will September Bring?