SEMM Forum 2017 Presentations

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Eliminating the Surprises in Enrolment Management – Gary Fretwell

Terms of Engagement: Harnessing Social Media and Student Research to Support Enrolment Strategy – Phillip Glennie, Kayla Lewis

Gauging Your SEM Readiness – Clayton Smith

Master Content Marketing in Higher Education – Graeme Owens

Creating and Sustaining a Compelling, Marketing-Oriented Web Presence – Jim Black

Build a More Targeted, Data-Driven SEMM Strategy – Sean Copeland, Joel Nicholson

What About WIL? Positioning Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Within Enrolment Strategies – Jackie Pichette, Daniele Lenarcic Biss

SEM – Establishing a Plan With Grit – Sean Chorney

“Brand” Is NOT an Ugly Four Letter Word – Sean Williams

English Language Learners: Unequipped or Underestimated? – Neil Neebar, Fehong Nan

The Strategic Enrolment Planning Imperative – Gary Fretwell

Institutional Accountability in Agent Management – Marie Braswell

Leveraging National Associations to Support Program Branding and Engagement – Laura Zychla

What Students Are Thinking: Six Things You Should Know – James Cowan

Day 2

SEM in Canada: Who’s at the Wheel? – Rod Skinkle, Phillip Glennie

Creating and Executing Kick-Ass Content Marketing Campaigns – Lauren Lord, Chris Wilkins, Suzanne Tyson

From Application to Admission to Attending: Campus-wide Collaboration and Support for Aboriginal Students – Ian Cull, Adrienne Vedan, Halyna Petryshyn

Academic Program Planning to Support Strategic Enrolment Management Objectives – Janet Hyde

Recruiting from A to Gen Z – Mike Conway, Dave Fischer

What Students Really Want from Their Careers & How This Impacts SEM – Graham Donald

Retooling Student Retention from Remedial to Remarkable – Don Fraser

Student Journey Mapping for Enrolment – A How To Guide – Jean-Paul Rains

Rebranding and Embracing The Future – Dominique Chouinard

What’s SEM Got to Do with it? The Value of SEM in Event Management – Gloria Lee

How Students Really Make Their Higher Education Choices – Alex Usher