Presentations 2018

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Day 1

Recruiting and Retaining Generation Zed Students, Jim Black, SEM Works

Social Media and Its Impact on Marketing, Branding, and Student-Relationship Building, Rita Chen, McMaster University, Jane Antoniak, King’s University College at Western University

Indigenous Student Recruitment: Are We Setting Indigenous Students Up To Fail? Savanah Knockwood, UBC

The Decision Factory at Utilitarian University: Processing Applications in an Admissions Office, Carolyn Ford, Western University

How to Use the Power of Micro Influencers in Higher Education, Matthew Diteljan, Glacier

Using an Ecosystem Model to Maximize Student Enrolment, Brian Bazett, Western University, Bob Shields, Western University

Bridging the Communication Gap: Non-verbal Communication in Public Presentations, Lionel Walsh

Becoming a Brand Champion at Your School (No Matter What Your Title), Phil Glennie, Academica, Dr. Julie Peters, Academica Group

Student Journey Mapping: Who Is Using It and What Kind of Results Are They Seeing? JP Rains, Laurentian University

The State of Student Journey Mapping – SEMM Conference Presentation – Website Resource, JP Rains, Laurentian University

Using Virtual Reality to Drive Applications: A Live Case Study, Mike Leon, Brand Heroes Inc.

Promoting Pre-doctoral Fellowships to Indigenous Students: A Case Study of New Niches and Niche Marketing, Vicky Arnold, Queen’s University Faculty of Arts and Science

Student Recruitment Marketing: A Detailed Discussion on Current Challenges, Best Practices and 2018 Trends, Chris Wilkins, the SchoolFinder Group

Managing the Organizational Change Associated with SEMM, Janet Hyde, Academic Strategic Directions


Day 2

What Students Are Thinking: Surprising Findings from Maclean’s, James Cowan, Maclean’s

From First Year to World-ready: Putting Skills at the Centre of the Student Experience, Jackie Pichette, HEQCO, Jess McKeown, HEQCO

Markets, Competition, and Media: The Unique Characteristics of the Online PSE Market, Dr. Keith Hampson, Co-founder, Higher Education Management

Branding Is for Retention, Not Just Recruitment, Sean Williams, Dashboard Marketing Inc.

Gap Years – A Tool for Recruitment and Retention, Michelle Dittmer, Canadian Gap Year Association, Madelyn Steel, Canadian Gap Year Association

Part 1: The Future is Immersive: Bringing Virtual and Augmented Reality to Campuses and Classrooms, Andrew Klotz, Beyond Media, Maria Modopoulos, George Brown College, Jordan Teichmann, Beyond Media

Part 2: Guidebook

Relationship-Building: Is It the Key to Converting Leads and Student Prospects? Chris Wilkins, SchoolFinder Group

International Student Growth: Communications Opportunities, Challenges, and Implications for PSE, Rod Skinkle, Academica Group, Vinay Chaudhry, Maple Leaf EduConnect

Students, Careers & The Impact of Post-Secondary Education, Graham Donald, Brainstorm Strategy Group Inc.