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Subject line: Strategic Enrolment Marketing and Management Forum – Toronto, November 13st and 14nd, 2019


I am writing to express my strong interest in attending this year’s Strategic Enrolment Marketing and Management Forum held on November 13th and 14th, 2019 in Toronto, Canada [as well as the pre-conference workshop on Strategic Planning for PSE Professionals on November 12th.]

My goal in attending this conference is to ensure that we have every opportunity to learn about the latest research and best practices in student attraction, recruitment and engagement.

The SEMM Forum is the only program focused exclusively on post-secondary marketing, enrolment management, and recruitment in the Canadian context.

The SEMM Forum is particularly unique because it connects leaders in marketing, recruitment, admissions, enrolment management, and student services and thereby creates an opportunity for sharing across disciplines as well as supporting a holistic approach to strategic enrolment management.

SEMM Forum is a comprehensive two-day educational program that includes multiple tracks that will equip us to:

  • Explore post-secondary enrolment trends
  • Share marketing and advertising case studies
  • Discover effective recruiting tactics
  • Learn strategies to create an effective brand
  • Examine emerging technologies affecting student recruitment
  • Understand today’s students and how to connect with them

Below is the brief outline of the program, as well as a description for the pre-conference workshop. I think we can agree that gaining insight from experienced leaders in the post-secondary marketing, recruitment and enrolment management on these topics would prove to be valuable as we continue to develop strategies and further advance our practices.

Pre-conference Workshop (full-day): Strategic Planning for Post-Secondary Professionals

This workshop will focus on developing our process for creating clarity through an effective mission statement, definition of goals and objectives, and supporting our team working collectively. The workshop will not be particularly focused on enrolment planning, but rather share principles and processes to maximize the effectiveness of any team or group in an educational setting.

2019 SEMM Forum (two days)

The program features more than 20 workshops in three concurrent tracks over two days. In addition to many presenters from other universities and colleges, there are leading experts in SEM, branding, and recruitment as well as independent researchers and the senior editor of the Maclean’s university and college reports.

Here are some of the topics:

  • Social Media and its Impact on Marketing, Branding, and Student Relationship Building
  • Using an Ecosystem Model to Maximize Student Enrolment
  • Managing the Organizational Change Associated with SEMM
  • Branding Keeps Students, Not Just Recruits Them
  • Promoting Pre-Doctoral Fellowships to Indigenous Students: A Case Study of New Niches and Niche Marketing
  • The Use of Student Journey Mapping in Higher Ed Web – How Are We Doing?
  • How to Use the Power of Micro Influencers in Higher Ed
  • Recruiting and Retaining Generation Zed Students
  • Where Are You? Understanding Institutional Branding in Canadian Higher Ed
  • The Decision Factory at Utilitarian University: Processing Applications in an Admissions Office
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality: Bringing Immersive Content to Campuses and Classrooms
  • Gap Years – a Tool for Recruitment and Retention
  • Student Recruitment Marketing: A Detailed Discussion on Current Challenges, Best Practices and 2018 Trends
  • Relationship-building: Is it The Key to Converting Leads and Student Prospects?
  • Students, Careers & The Impact of Post-Secondary Education
  • Using Virtual Reality to Drive Applications: A Live Case Study

As you can see from this list of past attendees, a very wide variety of post-secondary institutions are represented. I believe that having a unique opportunity to network with these kinds of organizations will prove to be very beneficial in my professional growth within our institution.

If you are interested in learning more about the SEMM Forum, you can find the website here:

The cost to attend the full day pre-conference workshop is $455.

The cost to attend the SEMM Forum is $945

Let me know your thoughts and if I can provide you with any additional information that might aid in making a decision.

Thank you!

(Your Name Here)

P.S Here are a few testimonials from past attendees:

“This day was extremely valuable. A great chance to connect with Canadian enrolment management staff and share ideas.”

Matt Stiegemeyer, Director, Student Recruitment, Concordia University

“I love to see the post-secondary sectors growing interest in leveraging data to make decisions. The SEMM Forum brought together a diverse group of professionals dedicated to student success!”

Max Bernosky, Manager, Institutional Research and Strategic Planning, Confederation College

“The conference is a beautiful marriage of theory and ideation with tangible, successful best practices to filter through and inform a thoughtful, individualized strategy for each Post-Secondary institution. I appreciate the level of information sharing and cooperation across Canada, all with student success in mind.”

Erin Hamilton, Manager, Student Recruitment & Events, NAIT

“What I found really valuable about the SEMM Forum is that the content is all Canadian. This means that a lot more of the learnings are directly applicable to the work we do.”

Siobhan Staples, Marketing & Undergraduate Recruitment, University of Waterloo

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